Monday, February 25, 2008

Things You Can Find Added To Our Stores This Week!

Amazing 1920s Lipstick Tube Travel Toothbrush...coming soon...

New Old Stock Vintage Rare 1940s Westinghouse Electric Chrome Deco Mid Century Coffee Pot Percolator

Brand new again, never used, original paper on the strainer....
why buy new when you can have this??

A few more things we are digging out and adding to our inventory. This is just a small sampling of what was dug out this week.

Vintage National Hosiery Stocking new in package. You can find these at our ecrater and BISI locations. Click here to see them at ecrater.


We are digging out some great vintage goodies this week. Here are a few!

Amazing condition 1958 PINK electric Treasure Chest blanket by Montgomery can find this in our Etsy store


1945 Swinging Guide To Sin In San cool is this??

You can find this in our BISI store!



Mitzi said...

hahaha That sin book is too awesome!

The Nostalgic Nugget said...

Crazy huh? lol Diggin thru the bins is turning out to be quite exciting!

The Downtown Boutique said...

My parents used to have that cornflower coffee pot!

Vaudeville Vintage said...

Oh I see you've met Mitzi from Vintage Goodness! I told her last night that she HAD to check out this blog, but she was already here! Great girl, I bug her often. I LOVE this Sin book also! Great find! The retro cookin' ad...yes you can steal it-since I stole it too! The mother load of all vintage retro ads/clip art is to go back to Flickr and search the Groups for "Retro Ads" and bingo! Thousands and thousands of these retro ads! So you like the sherbert colored Pyrex, when I get stuff that goes so well together like that it almost makes me wish I had a brick & mortar location just so I could set up displays! I just realized that you're on my friends list in the Etsy Vintage Buy. & Sell.ya-da ya-da Is it me or is that name a little long? I hearted your etsy shop! Gotta go, don't be a stranger! Kelly over at Vaudeville Vintage