Friday, January 23, 2009

So Where The Hell Did You Go????


hopefully people will understand once I get it all out.

Last time I wrote it was in May when I pulled the tendon in my butt. Since you know about that, I will backtrack...

We had a WONDERFUL time in Tucson. I enjoyed Tucson more than I expected, it has a lot more greenery than I ever thought, and the dry heat was much better..have to admit it. We seriously started thinking about making a move to AZ in the summer of 2008.....

Which means, I was in limbo when I came back. Do I build up stores? Do I liquidate? Do I buy more?? I had no idea how to handle it. Self motivation at this point was very cloudy.

We came back, and all hell broke loose.

The butt tendon thing, which took forever to heal.

We had 3 deaths in the family at different times. Maybe I will elaborate later, but it is just too draining.

I was bit by a cat and for weeks I was so sick we honestly thought I was going to die of rabies. It took three months, many doctor's visits, days and days of being in bed sicker than ever, and three courses of very strong antibiotics to finally get over it. By the time we were done, the better half and I were so scared out of our minds about impending death, that all our efforts went into "real life" and spending as much time as possible getting odds and ends done, spending time with family, yada yada.

Then over the course of the past 9 months, it just continued.

I am having constant troubles with my sons' school. As some may know, I have three on the Autistic spectrum. Three boys attend one school and I am sick and tired of teachers who have a God complex. This has been a daily drain for me. So much so that we have decided to go back to homeschooling next year. I home schooled my kids up until my daughter was in 5th grade. I never thought I would do it again, but here we are.

This constant thorn in my shoe kept me focused on one thing, keeping track of teachers and problems.

We have also had a severe urinary tract infection in the house, two bouts of bad cold rounds and one bout of sever flu. With a son in an after school program for special needs kids and six people in one house, you can imagine all the germs we come in contact with.

Let's not forget the computer virus, the repair, the setting up a new computer.

Let's not forget the car troubles and buying a new car. Well, a 66 Ford station wagon, and a REALLY cool one, but still.


My better half had a heart attack scare. That's right. We were now in the same boat all over again. Doctors, not feeling well, medications, not knowing, etc.

This past year has been one thing after another. Each one harsh, each one extremely draining.

So people, this year has been very difficult for us.

The good news?

We have decided to move to Arizona and we plan to by July of this summer. So, at this time I won't be building up anything. I will be liquidating like a mad man. It just isn't worth the cost of moving it, nor the work involved.

We hit so many sales, we always find more. So hopefully by fall, we will somewhat be up and running again.

For now, what remains in the stores will stay there until June. At that time I will pull it all out.

I sincerely hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings by disappearing. I just had too much on my plate.